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Vol.1: Here at last, the immensely popular comic Atashinʹchi is here in a new sticker set! The 4 members of the Tachibana family are here to laugh, cry, and get mad with you together!

Vol.2: ATASHIn’CHI is back for a second round of stickers. This set has plenty of love to go around, 100% drawn by the pen of Eiko Kera herself!

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Vol. 1Vol. 2
Vol. 1Vol. 2

ATASHInʹCHI WhatsApp Sticker GIF-3723
3723 – ATASHInʹCHI

Introducing ATASHIn’CHI: The Hilarious Family Sticker Set for LINE & WhatsApp

Get ready to add a dose of humor and warmth to your chats with the ATASHIn’CHI sticker set, now available for both LINE and WhatsApp! This collection brings the beloved characters from the popular Japanese comic series to life in a series of expressive and entertaining stickers. The Tachibana family, consisting of four quirky members, is here to share in your daily digital conversations, offering a range of emotions from laughter to tears and everything in between.

ATASHIn’CHI 2 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-7408
7408 – ATASHIn’CHI 2

The ATASHIn’CHI stickers feature the endearing art style that fans have come to love, with each character sporting their signature looks and expressions. Mother, Father, Mikan, and Yuzuhiko are all present, ready to react to your messages with their unique personalities. Whether you’re feeling excited, frustrated, or just need a pick-me-up, there’s an ATASHIn’CHI sticker to match your mood and add a touch of fun to your chats.

The Creative Minds Behind ATASHIn’CHI Stickers

Cork, the publisher behind these delightful stickers, has brought the charm of ATASHIn’CHI to the digital realm with great attention to detail. Known for their expertise in transforming beloved characters into expressive digital stickers, Cork has ensured that each sticker captures the essence of the ATASHIn’CHI world. Their dedication to quality and understanding of what makes stickers appealing has resulted in a set that’s both fun to use and true to the original comic.

The copyright for ATASHIn’CHI belongs to the 2015 Marmalade Company, which holds the rights to the original comic series created by Eiko Kera. Marmalade Company has been instrumental in bringing ATASHIn’CHI to various media formats, including anime adaptations and merchandise. Their collaboration with Cork for this sticker set demonstrates their commitment to keeping the ATASHIn’CHI franchise fresh and relevant in the digital age, allowing fans to engage with their favorite characters in new and interactive ways.

Why You’ll Love ATASHIn’CHI Stickers

These stickers are more than just cute images; they’re a way to express yourself with the charm and humor of the ATASHIn’CHI universe. Each sticker is carefully designed to convey a specific emotion or reaction, making your conversations more lively and engaging. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or just looking for fun stickers to spice up your chats, ATASHIn’CHI stickers offer something for everyone. From relatable everyday situations to comical expressions, these stickers will help you communicate in a more colorful and entertaining way.

A Closer Look at the ATASHIn’CHI Sticker Set

Expressive Characters and Varied Emotions

The first row of stickers introduces us to the dynamic range of the ATASHIn’CHI family. We see a character exclaiming “Wao!” with excitement, another looking perplexed, one surrounded by hearts and flowers expressing love, and a fourth with a content expression. These initial stickers set the tone for the diverse emotions represented throughout the set.

Everyday Situations and Reactions

Moving down, we encounter stickers depicting more specific scenarios. There’s a character giving a thumbs up, another surrounded by musical notes, and one engaging in what appears to be group exercise. These stickers are perfect for reacting to friends’ messages or sharing your current activities.

Comical Expressions and Actions

The set includes a variety of humorous stickers, such as a character with exaggerated tears, another banging a drum enthusiastically, and one blowing on hot food. These stickers add a touch of comedy to your conversations and are great for lightening the mood.

Sleepy and Relaxed Moods

For those lazy days or tired moments, there are stickers showing characters sleeping, lounging, and looking drowsy. These are perfect for expressing when you’re feeling low-energy or just want to relax.

Work and Study Themes

The set doesn’t forget about the more serious aspects of life. There are stickers showing characters working at computers, studying, and even one looking stressed out – ideal for commiserating with friends about work or school pressures.

Seasonal and Special Occasion Stickers

While not prominently featured, there are hints of seasonal stickers, like one character wearing what could be interpreted as winter clothing. These add versatility to the set, allowing you to use them year-round.

Food and Drink

Several stickers feature characters enjoying food or drinks, which are great for arranging meet-ups or sharing what you’re currently eating.

The ATASHIn’CHI sticker set offers a comprehensive range of emotions and situations, making it a versatile choice for daily communication. From simple reactions to complex feelings, these stickers provide a fun and expressive way to enhance your digital conversations. The charm of the ATASHIn’CHI characters shines through in each sticker, bringing a slice of this beloved comic series to your chats and making every interaction a little more colorful and enjoyable.

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