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Sexy, cute and glamorous! Yep, Betty Boop is here to spice up your LINE chats – Oh Yes! There’s a sticker for every occasion!

BETTY BOOP Line Sticker PNG-753

BETTY BOOP WhatsApp Sticker GIF-753
753 – BETTY BOOP Sticker

Bringing Sassy Glamour to Your Chats with Betty Boop Stickers for LINE & WhatsApp

Get ready to add a playful pop of vintage charm to your messaging adventures with the new Betty Boop sticker collection for LINE and WhatsApp! This iconic cartoon sweetheart from the 1930s is making a sassy comeback, ready to liven up your conversations with her signature flirty winks and sassy one-liners. Whether you need to express joy, sass, or just a touch of old-school glitz, Betty’s expressive stickers have got you covered.

Introducing the Powerhouse Behind the Scenes: PRC Co., Ltd. is the brilliant publisher responsible for bringing these delightful stickers to life. As a company dedicated to creating top-notch digital content, they have truly captured Betty’s timeless spirit and enduring allure. Meanwhile, the iconic Betty Boop character is the intellectual property of KFS/FS ® Hearst, a renowned media company that has carefully curated and preserved this beloved character’s legacy for generations to enjoy.

With a diverse range of emotions and scenarios depicted, from flirtatious winks to playful pouts, these stickers are bound to inject a burst of personality into your chats. Whether you’re bantering with friends, adding a touch of whimsy to work conversations, or simply embracing your inner diva, Betty Boop’s timeless charm is sure to leave a lasting impression. Get ready to elevate your messaging game with a sprinkle of vintage glamour!

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