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From BIGBANG’S official 3D character group, the GO Blings, comes this animated sticker set starring G-DRAGON and his pet Shu. Bring this fun duo to your chats today!


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9281 – BIGBANG GO Blings G-DRAGON Sticker

Meet the GO Blings G-DRAGON and Shu: BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON Unleashes His Sticker Magic on LINE & WhatsApp!

If you’re a fan of BIGBANG, the legendary K-pop group, you might have heard of their official 3D character group, the GO Blings. These cute and quirky characters are based on the members of BIGBANG and their personalities. And now, you can enjoy their antics in your chats with the new animated sticker set featuring G-DRAGON and his pet Shu!

Who are the GO Blings?

The GO Blings are a group of five friends who live in a colorful world called GO Planet. They love music, fashion, and having fun. Each of them has a unique style and talent that matches their BIGBANG counterpart. The leader of the group is G-DRAGON, a charismatic and creative rapper who loves to experiment with different looks. He is always accompanied by his loyal and adorable pet Shu, a fluffy white dog who can transform into anything G-DRAGON wants.

“Go Blings” is a webtoon created by Kirin, which is the official comic of the K-POP sensation Big Bang. The webtoon tells the adventures and daily lives of the Big Bang members: Seungri, TOP, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang, along with their goblin friends: go blings. The webtoon can be read on Tapas Comics, Ktoon, or Picoma by paying. The webtoon also has a promotional video on YouTube.

Introducing Shu:

Shu is G-DRAGON’s beloved pet dog, and he’s more than just a furry companion. He’s a tiny bundle of joy that brings an extra dose of cuteness to the sticker collection. Shu is known for his charming looks and sweet demeanor, and now, he’s ready to charm his way into your chats!

Who is behind the stickers?

The stickers are published by YG Entertainment, the entertainment company that manages BIGBANG and other popular K-pop artists. YG Entertainment is known for its high-quality music, videos, and merchandise that cater to fans all over the world. YG Entertainment also owns the copyright of the GO Blings characters and their related products.

What can you do with the stickers?

The stickers are designed to make your chats more fun and expressive. You can use them to show your emotions, reactions, opinions, and humor. You can also use them to support your favorite member of BIGBANG or to share your love for K-pop with your friends. The stickers feature G-DRAGON and Shu in various situations and poses, such as dancing, singing, laughing, crying, sleeping, eating, and more. You can also see some references to G-DRAGON’s songs and outfits in the stickers.

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