Panda: On the Move 1 & 2 (Animated) Line Sticker |  The smoothest panda in town is back with an all-new animated set of stickers! Fill your chats with Yururin’s heart-warming antics to make your friends swoon for sure. (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • yururin panda (25)
  • yururin panda on the move (22) Mind 1, 2, 3 + Travel Animated Line Sticker | Naughty little girl that will make everyone smile with her. Her story begins here. Let’s all support her.
Nong Mind is back again in a new set of stickers with cuteness, burning sensations, and a sister that will make everyone in the room smile with delight. (more…) Family (SoftBank) + Animated × Giga-chan Line Sticker | Stickers from the humorous Baribari-Banban TV ads featuring the Shirato family! These stickers feature all your favorite members from SoftBanks’s famous family. The Shirato family’s new commercials make a animated sticker appearance! Check out all the new characters in sticker form! Friend Softbanks official account to get them. (more…)

This sticker also know as:

  • line://shop/detail/5273 (22)
  • sticker store soft bank (17)
  • beastar (6)
  • Free LINE stickers for Canada (1) Characters: Thai Edition Line Sticker | The LINE characters are back to light up your chats! This time, they come with expressions tailored especially for users in Thailand. Enjoy!

(more…) Kuma + Animated Line Sticker | The Petit Kuma from the Petit series take center stage in this set! Petit Kuma and his friends from this delectable series of pint-sized bears are back for another round of stickers! Friend Bourbonʹs official account to get these stickers for free.
(more…) & Ms. Q Family of Q House Line Sticker | Mr. Q & Ms. Q are here to make your funny and playful chat with friends and family. Add friend Q House official account to get them.
(more…) in Motion Line Sticker | Dorothy’s first LINE animated stickers.

(more…) Suugii & Suunya Line Sticker | Suugi and Suunya from the Sugi family show just how good they are as they cleverly use original goods from Sugi Holdings to find happiness in their daily lives. Cheer up friends and families by sending them stickers from this set. Friend the Sugi Holdings official account to get the set!