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Posted on Chick Is Moving Up! vol 1 + 2 + 3 Line Sticker |The Chick has been speaking out for the service industry. Now download the Chick’s stickers on LINE. Let the Chick roll its eyes for you!
The Chick partners have finally joined the dynamic scene! The fierce dancing chicken fat sister is now featured in these “The Chick” animated stickers!
This upwardly mobile chick is moving up! Up!! UP!!!
The chick is not only chippy, she’s also naughty! Moving on up!
This chick is moving up and back for more!

It’s the fantastic fifth set for this chick and she’s ready to keep on moving up!

Name (LINE Sticker):
The Chick line://shop/detail/2531
The Chick Moving Up! line://shop/detail/3347
This Chick Is Moving Up! line://shop/detail/4510
This Chick is Moving Up Vol. 3 line://shop/detail/5476
The Chick Moving Up! 4 line://shop/detail/6782
This Chick is Moving Up Vol. 5 line://shop/detail/7850

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