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Corgi KaKa and Snoopy. Please note that the sale of this sticker pack will end on November 30, 2025.

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  • Title : Corgi KaKa x Snoopy
  • Price : Paid / 100 Coins
  • Type : static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiration Date
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/29445
  • Publisher : The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Limited
  • Copyright : 2023 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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29445 – Corgi KaKa x Snoopy Sticker

Cuteness Overload Alert: Corgi KaKa x Snoopy Sticker Extravaganza!

Hey there, fellow sticker enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the ultimate dose of adorable with the latest collaboration that’s about to steal your heart – Corgi KaKa x Snoopy! It’s the sticker pack dreams are made of, bringing together the lovable corgi charm of KaKa and the iconic Snoopy from Peanuts. In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of these characters, the masterminds behind the magic, and some sneak peeks at the stickers themselves. But heads up, this sticker fiesta is only around until November 30, 2025 – so let’s not waste any time!

Roll Call: Corgi KaKa and Snoopy

Meet Corgi KaKa, the perpetually cheerful corgi on a mission to spread joy and make friends. From devouring meatballs, sausages, and cookies to rocking various costumes, hats, glasses, and scarves, this cutie was brought to life by KaKa, a Taiwanese illustrator and corgi enthusiast. Starting in 2014, Corgi KaKa has become a social media sensation, winning hearts everywhere.

Now, enter Snoopy – the imaginative beagle who’s been capturing our hearts since 1950, thanks to the genius of Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy’s known for napping atop his doghouse, donning different personas, and typing up novels on his trusty typewriter. With his sidekick Woodstock, Snoopy’s adventures have become legendary, making Peanuts a global comic strip phenomenon.

Behind the Scenes: Publisher and Copyright

This sticker party is powered by The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Limited (CPLG), a powerhouse in global licensing. Representing iconic brands worldwide, CPLG collaborates with licensors, licensees, retailers, and more to bring exciting products and experiences to fans. The sticker pack is based on the characters and artwork of 2023 Peanuts Worldwide LLC – a joint venture of Peanuts Holdings LLC and WildBrain Ltd., the entertainment giant in kids and family content.

Sneak Peek: Sticker Highlights

Let’s talk stickers! The Corgi KaKa x Snoopy pack is bursting with 40 static stickers capturing these buddies in various poses and expressions. Get ready for:

– Heartwarming hugs between Corgi KaKa and Snoopy
– A style swap with Corgi KaKa in Snoopy’s scarf and Snoopy in Corgi KaKa’s hat
– Cookie-sharing moments of joy
– Aviator adventures with Corgi KaKa as the pilot and Snoopy as co-pilot
– Blissful naps on doghouses
– A happy dance-off featuring Corgi KaKa and Snoopy

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Find the sticker pack on LINE or WhatsApp by searching “Corgi KaKa x Snoopy.” But remember, this sticker fiesta is waving goodbye on November 30, 2025 – so don’t let this cuteness slip through your fingers!

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