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Peanuts collaboration with a Taiwanese creator ♪ Please note that the sale of this sticker set will end on November 30, 2025.

Yellow lazy cat x Snoopy Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Yellow lazy cat x Snoopy
  • Price : Paid / 100 Coins
  • Type : static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiration Date
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Link : line://shop/detail/29441
  • Publisher : The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Limited
  • Copyright : 2023 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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29441 – Yellow lazy cat x Snoopy

Get Ready for a Peanuts Extravaganza with Lazy Cat!

Hey Peanuts fans and cat enthusiasts, have we got a treat for you! Brace yourselves for the ultimate collaboration between Peanuts Worldwide and the fabulous Taiwanese creator, Lazy Cat. It’s a sticker set that brings together the iconic Snoopy and a delightfully yellow lazy cat. But hold your horses—these stickers are up for grabs only until November 30, 2025. So, don’t dilly-dally, snag them now!

Meet the Creative Genius: Lazy Cat!

Lazy Cat, our Taiwanese maestro of illustration, has a soft spot for sketching adorable cats and critters. Check out his Insta – it’s practically a haven for his charming artworks. And if you’re itching to own a piece of his magic, you’re in luck! Lazy Cat’s designs are up for grabs on Redbubble, Society6, and Etsy. Expect a burst of color, simplicity, and tons of expressiveness in his creations. His cats, in particular, boast funny poses and expressions that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

Enter the Peanuts Realm with Peanuts Worldwide!

Peanuts Worldwide, the powerhouse behind the legendary Peanuts comic strip, manages the rights to beloved characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Woodstock. Established in 2010 by the Iconix Brand Group and Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates (the family business of the iconic Charles M. Schulz), Peanuts Worldwide takes charge of licensing, marketing, and distributing the Peanuts brand across the globe.

Unleash the Sticker Awesomeness!

The sticker set, a harmonious fusion of Snoopy and the yellow lazy cat, dishes out 40 static stickers that showcase their escapades in style. Picture this – Snoopy and the lazy cat catching some Zs on the couch, sharing a pizza, battling it out in video games, diving into a good book, and more. These stickers are a riot of cuteness and humor, perfectly capturing the essence of these two fabulous characters. Spice up your chats and let these stickers do the talking for your feelings, moods, and opinions!

Don’t let this sticker fiesta pass you by – grab your set and let the Peanuts magic unfold in every chat! Hurry, November 30, 2025, is just around the corner!

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