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Posted on Trino Line Sticker | Surtido de monos con pilón~ Trino’s characters want to chat with your friends on LINE. Spend this Christmas with Santa Claus. Celebrate Mexicoʹs Independence Day with Trinoʹs special edition stickers. Why do all the talking when you can let Trinoʹs cartoons speak for you! Available till December 16, 2014.

Name LINE Sticker:
Trino Presents Santa Claus line://shop/detail/1445
Surtido de monos con pilón line://shop/detail/1556
Un pilón más line://shop/detail/1794
El Mundial de Trino line://shop/detail/2472
El Grito de Trino [50 coins] line://shop/detail/3115
Galimatías de Trino line://shop/detail/3433

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