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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker | The lazy cat is out on the prowl! Garfield is here with his friends, ready to bring some cattitude into your day with Garfield fun stickers! Garfield isn’t the only one with cattitude! Introduce Garfield and pals into your messages with this sticker pack that includes Odie, Jon, Arlene, and Nermal. For free, Garfield skips his lazy nap day to express his love. Garfield has returned, this time as animated stickers! Don’t be lazy, put down the lasagna, and start sharing these fun Garfield animations today.

Name LINE Sticker:
Garfield (Paid) line://shop/detail/1315
Garfield & Friends (Paid) line://shop/detail/2092
Garfield In Love (Free) line://shop/detail/1643
Garfield Animated Stickers (Paid) line://shop/detail/3583

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Publisher : Bare Tree Media

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