Hello Friends! W!Th LY Limited Stickers

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\’Hello Friends! W!th LINE Yahoo’ Event Commemoration/ Event-exclusive stickers featuring LINE Yahoo’s official characters ‘Brown’ and ‘Engine’ are here! Use these easy-to-greet stickers to liven up your LINE chats.

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  • Title : Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until June 13, 202
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/31040
  • Publisher : LY Corporation
  • Copyright : LY Corporation

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31040 – Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers Sticker

Get Ready to Brighten Up Your Chats with the Delightful “Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers”!

Are you excited to add a burst of color and joy to your messaging experience? Introducing the “Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers” – a delightful collection of stickers featuring the adorable LINE Yahoo characters, Brown and Engine. These charming stickers are here to bring a smile to your face and make your conversations even more lively and engaging.

A Glimpse into the World of Brown and Engine

Brown, the beloved bear character, is the epitome of cuteness and warmth. With his endearing expressions and playful antics, he’s sure to make your heart melt. Engine, on the other hand, is a quirky and energetic robot character, always ready to bring a touch of fun and excitement to your chats. Together, they form an irresistible duo that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

LY Corporation: The Masterminds Behind the Magic

These captivating stickers are the brainchild of LY Corporation, the innovative company that has masterfully combined the worlds of LINE and Yahoo. As the publisher and copyright holder, LY Corporation has expertly crafted these stickers to capture the essence of Brown and Engine, bringing their unique personalities to life in a digital format. With their commitment to creativity and attention to detail, LY Corporation has ensured that each sticker is a true delight.

Unleash Your Expressive Powers

Whether you’re planning a surprise for a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, or simply adding a touch of joy to your daily conversations, these stickers are the perfect companions. Imagine the excitement of your friends and family as they open your messages and are greeted by the irresistible charm of Brown and Engine. With a wide range of expressions and scenarios depicted, you’ll never run out of ways to express yourself and make your chats truly memorable.

Description of Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers ‘s Sticker

The sticker set “Hello Friends! W!th LY limited stickers” is a delightful collection celebrating the collaboration between LINE and Yahoo. Let me break down the stickers for you:

First row:
1) “HELLO!” sticker featuring Brown, the beloved LINE bear character, waving cheerfully alongside a speech bubble.
2) A sticker with Brown and a LINE Yahoo robot character (likely Engine) shaking hands in a friendly greeting.
3) A sticker with the LINE Yahoo robot character giving a thumbs up gesture.
4) A sticker with a bunny character (possibly related to LINE or Yahoo) flexing its muscles in a playful manner.

Second row:
1) A sticker with Brown and another character giving an “OK” hand gesture, indicating approval or positivity.
2) A sticker with a smiling bunny character surrounded by sparkles, radiating joy and happiness.
3) A sticker with Brown wearing sunglasses and giving a cool, confident expression.
4) A sticker with a character (possibly related to Yahoo) surrounded by hearts, conveying love and affection.

These stickers, published by LY Corporation and copyrighted by the same company, are designed to commemorate the “Hello Friends! W!th LINE Yahoo” event. They feature the official LINE Yahoo characters, Brown and Engine, along with other charming characters, in various friendly, playful, and cheerful poses. The stickers aim to help users liven up their LINE chats with easy-to-use greetings and expressions until June 13, 2024.

This delightful sticker set offers a charming and engaging way for users to enhance their messaging experience by incorporating the beloved LINE and Yahoo characters into their conversations.

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