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To commemorate the commencement of pre-registration for “LINE: Monster Farm,” some special stickers are now available!
To celebrate the app release of “LINE: Monster Farm,” special stickers featuring LINE: Monster Farm and Einstein have made their appearance! You can get these unique stickers by becoming friends with the LINE: Monster Farm official account.

LINE: MonsterFarm Sticker for LINE – Your Ticket to Fantasy


Explore LINE: MonsterFarm Sticker Collection – Unleash the Magic


  • Title : LINE:MonsterFarm
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until December 30, 2022
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link :
    line://shop/detail/27490 Available until December 30, 2022
    line://shop/detail/28035 Available till March 30, 2023
  • Publisher : LY Corporation
  • Copyright : LY Corporation | KOEI TEMCO GAMES Co., Ltd.
Unlock the World of LINE: MonsterFarm with WhatsApp Stickers – Join the Fun
27490 – LINE:MonsterFarm

LINE: MonsterFarm Sticker Collection – Make WhatsApp More Fun
28035 – LINE:MonsterFarm

Introducing LINE-Monster Farm Sticker for LINE & WhatsApp

Picture this: You’re chatting with your friends on LINE or WhatsApp, and you want to add some pizzazz to your conversations. What’s the answer to your sticker cravings? The LINE-Monster Farm sticker pack! But what’s the buzz about this sticker collection? Let’s dive into the world of these charming creatures and explore why LINE-Monster Farm is making waves.

A Glimpse into LINE-Monster Farm

First things first, what is LINE-Monster Farm? Well, it’s a sticker collection featuring an adorable cast of monsters, each with its own unique personality and style. These stickers add a fun and quirky twist to your chats, making your messages pop with character. Whether you’re excited, sad, or just want to send a friendly hello, there’s a monster for every occasion.

Now, let’s talk variety. LINE-Monster Farm boasts an extensive range of stickers, from monsters with expressive faces to those engaged in everyday activities. You’ll find monsters dancing, eating, playing, and even monsters that help convey your heartfelt emotions.

What’s particularly impressive is that these stickers are not limited to a single messaging platform. You can use them on both LINE and WhatsApp. So, whether you’re communicating with your friends across the globe or just sending a quick message to your family, these stickers have you covered.

Why LINE-Monster Farm Is a Hit

So, what sets LINE-Monster Farm apart from the rest? It’s not just the charming characters and versatile usage; there’s more to it.

1. Expressive Emotions: The monsters in LINE-Monster Farm are experts at conveying emotions. They help you express yourself in a fun and quirky way, making your conversations engaging and lighthearted.

2. Vivid Design: These stickers aren’t just cute; they’re incredibly well-designed. The attention to detail in each monster’s expression and pose is remarkable. It’s like having a small piece of art in your chats.

3. Endless Fun: With a wide variety of stickers, you’ll never run out of options to spice up your chats. From monsters in party hats to those giving you thumbs up, there’s always a sticker to match your mood.

4. Universal Appeal: LINE-Monster Farm has something for everyone. Whether you’re a teenager, a working professional, or a retiree, these stickers bring joy to your messages. They transcend age and cultural boundaries.

5. Easy to Use: Adding these stickers to your chats is a breeze. With a few taps, you can select the perfect sticker to accompany your text, making your messages instantly more engaging.

6. Regular Updates: LINE-Monster Farm keeps things fresh with regular updates, introducing new characters and themes. It’s like a never-ending source of sticker fun.

Understanding LINE-Monster Farm

Let’s dive deeper into the enchanting world of LINE-Monster Farm and explore how to make the most of this sticker pack. From activation to customization, we’ve got you covered!

Activating LINE-Monster Farm

Brace yourself for some monster fun! Activating LINE-Monster Farm is a piece of cake. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open your LINE or WhatsApp app.
2. Go to your chat window.
3. Tap the sticker icon, usually found near the text input field.
4. Scroll through your sticker collections.
5. Look for “LINE-Monster Farm.”
6. Tap to activate, and voilà, you’re ready to send adorable monsters to your friends!

It’s as easy as that! In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a new world of expressive stickers at your fingertips.

Exploring the Interface

Now that you’ve activated LINE-Monster Farm, let’s get familiar with its user-friendly interface. Here’s what you need to know:

Main Screen: The main screen displays the adorable LINE-Monster Farm characters, ready for action.
Categories: You’ll find various categories to choose from, making it easy to pick the perfect sticker for any situation.
Search Bar: Looking for something specific? Use the search bar to find the ideal sticker in a flash.
Favorites: Mark your go-to stickers as favorites for quick access.
Recent: Easily access the stickers you’ve used most recently.
Gift Icon: Want to share the sticker fun? Use the gift icon to send LINE-Monster Farm stickers to your friends.

Now you know your way around the interface, it’s time to have fun exploring the wide array of stickers at your disposal!

Customizing Your Settings

LINE-Monster Farm isn’t just about using stickers; it’s about personalizing your experience. Here’s how to tweak your settings to suit your preferences:

Auto-Play Sound: You can choose whether or not the stickers play sound when you send them.
Size Adjustment: Scale the stickers up or down to make them fit perfectly in your chats.
Animated Background: Want to add some extra flair? Enable animated backgrounds for your stickers.
Notification Settings: Manage how you’re notified about new stickers or updates.

With these customization options, you can make LINE-Monster Farm truly yours, tailoring it to your unique style.

Getting to Know the Developers and Copyright

Ever wondered who’s behind the magic of LINE-Monster Farm? Let’s meet the masterminds:

LY Corporation: The creative brains responsible for designing these lovable monsters. They’re the ones making your chats come alive with cuteness.
KOEI TECMO GAMES Co., Ltd.: The gaming experts who partnered with LY Corporation to bring you this sticker sensation. Their collaboration has given birth to a sticker collection like no other.

As for copyright, these stickers are protected, so be sure to use them in line with LINE’s and WhatsApp’s terms of service. Show respect for the creators who’ve poured their hearts into these stickers, and you’ll continue to enjoy them to the fullest!

With LINE-Monster Farm’s activation, interface insights, personalization options, and a nod to the brilliant minds behind it, you’re all set to embark on a sticker-filled adventure. Get ready to share some monstrous joy in your chats!

Special Events and Useful Links

Exciting things are happening in the world of LINE-Monster Farm! Don’t miss out on the latest events and discover handy links for an even more immersive experience.

The Latest LINE-Monster Farm Events

If you’re a fan of LINE-Monster Farm, you’re in for a treat! The creators regularly host special events to keep the sticker magic alive. Here’s what’s cooking:

Monster Mania Bash: Get ready to join the Monster Mania Bash, where you can win exclusive stickers and even meet the creators behind your favorite characters. It’s a party you won’t want to miss!

Monster Hunt Challenge: Embrace your inner monster hunter and take part in the Monster Hunt Challenge. Solve puzzles, complete missions, and earn rewards. It’s an adventure you won’t find anywhere else!

Seasonal Surprises: LINE-Monster Farm loves to celebrate the seasons. Keep an eye out for seasonal events, offering stickers and backgrounds themed around holidays, festivals, and more.

These events are a fantastic opportunity to engage with the LINE-Monster Farm community, have some fun, and score exclusive stickers. So, when you see a new event announcement, don’t hesitate to jump right in!

LINE-Monster Farm Links

Ready to dive deeper into the world of LINE-Monster Farm? These links will be your passport to more monster-filled adventures:

Official Website: Explore the official LINE-Monster Farm website. It’s your hub for news, updates, and a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.

Community Forum: Join the vibrant community forum, where fans discuss their favorite stickers, share tips, and even suggest ideas for new stickers. It’s a great way to connect with fellow monster lovers.

Social Media: Follow LINE-Monster Farm on social media platforms for sneak peeks, contests, and the latest news. It’s the quickest way to stay in the loop.

Customer Support: Have questions or need assistance? The customer support link is your go-to for any issues or feedback.

These links open up a world of possibilities. You can stay updated, connect with other fans, and even have your voice heard by the creators. So, go ahead and explore!

With special events to look forward to and handy links to enhance your LINE-Monster Farm experience, your sticker chats are about to get even more exciting. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the latest events and make the most of these fantastic links! 🎉👾

Summary of Key Points

Before we sign off, let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned:

– LINE-Monster Farm is an enchanting sticker collection for LINE and WhatsApp, featuring a wide range of expressive and lovable monsters for your chats.
– Activation is a breeze, and the user-friendly interface allows you to find the perfect stickers for any occasion.
– Customization options let you tailor your sticker experience to match your unique style.
– We’ve met the creators behind the magic, LY Corporation and KOEI TECMO GAMES Co., Ltd.
– Special events and links offer even more ways to enjoy LINE-Monster Farm to the fullest.

Now, you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to make your chats more exciting and adorable with these charming monsters!

Appreciation for LY Corporation and KOEI TECMO GAMES Co., Ltd.

Let’s take a moment to express our appreciation for the creative geniuses who’ve brought LINE-Monster Farm to life. LY Corporation and KOEI TECMO GAMES Co., Ltd., you’ve gifted us with a delightful world of stickers that bring joy to our digital conversations. We can’t thank you enough for your imagination and hard work!

Join the LINE-Monster Farm Fun!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump into the LINE-Monster Farm adventure. Activate those stickers, explore the interface, and customize your experience to match your style. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for special events and connect with the fantastic community using the provided links.

With LINE-Monster Farm, your chats are about to get a whole lot cuter, more exciting, and bursting with personality. Get ready to share some monster magic in your conversations today! 🎉👾

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