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Jumputi Heroes Stickers LINE Stickers | Bring the fun of Jumputi Heroes to your chats with an original sticker set. The best and brightest from 50 years of Shonen Jump come together in this spectacular crossover. Join them all today! Friend the Jumputi Heroes official account to get the set for free. – http://www.line-stickers.com/

To celebrate the release of the TV commercial, bring the fun of JUMPUTI HEROES to your chats with this sticker set. Install the JUMPUTI HEROES app to get the set for free. Get all your favorite characters in sticker form!

Title : Jumputi Heroes Stickers

Free/Paid : Free

Price: 0 coins

Link :
line://shop/detail/10668 (Available till March 29, 2018)
line://shop/detail/12019 (Available till September 22, 2018)

Type: Static

Publisher : LINE

Copyright : JUMP 50th Anniversary

Jumputi Heroes Stickers | 10668
JUMPUTI HEROES Stickers | 12019