Kato-chan: Look Who’s Talking!
Kato-chan: Look Who’s Talking!

Kato-chan + Animated + Talking + Pop-Up

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Kato-chan + Animated + TalkingLine StickerKato-chan is now on LINE with his own set of stickers! A comedian with a career spanning decades, his stickers are sure to delight your friends and family.
The side-splittingly hilarious Kato-chan is back with a new round of sound stickers! This set has all your favorite gags and quips from this comedian’s illustrious career. Best of all, every single one has a voice clip attached to it! Sound for stickers will play on iPhones, even if your device is set to silent mode

This time the popular character Kato-chan is coming at you with pop-up stickers. His hearts, sneezes, even farts, will all come at you! Kato-chan will leave you with a grin everyday with these stickers!

Name (LINE Sticker) :
Kato-chan line://shop/detail/2463
Kato-chan: Look Who’s Talking! line://shop/detail/4715
Kato-chan’s Pop-Up Stickers! line://shop/detail/6926

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