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http://www.line-stickers.com/YURU-YURI Line Sticker | The surprisingly normal everyday world of Yuru-Yuri just landed on LINE! This set features slightly off-kilter yet impeccably cute girls saying all sorts of things that you only wish you could! Send them to your friends to make them chortle in delight.

The cast from Yuru-Yuri is back for more! This set is loaded with even more great lines from the series. Go get ’em girls!

Name LINE Sticker: YURU-YURI
YURU-YURI 2 line://shop/detail/7457
Free/Paid : paid

Link : line://shop/detail/5271

Publisher : Ichijinsha Inc.

Copyright : Namori/Ichijinsha

This sticker also know as:

  • symphogear (7)
  • Yuru yuri (2)