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LINE NEWS × Pingu Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : LINE NEWS × Pingu
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until October 12, 2016
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/6976
  • Publisher : LINE NEWS
  • Copyright : The Pygos Group

LINE NEWS × Pingu WhatsApp Sticker GIF
6976 – LINE NEWS × Pingu

Introducing the Adorable LINE NEWS × Pingu Stickers for LINE & WhatsApp

Get ready for a delightful wave of penguin charm with the new LINE NEWS × Pingu sticker set! This collaboration brings the beloved claymation character Pingu to your favorite messaging apps. The set features 16 expressive stickers showcasing Pingu in various moods and situations, perfect for adding a touch of humor and cuteness to your chats. From a polite Pingu offering a cup of tea to a startled Pingu at the door, these stickers capture the essence of the lovable penguin’s personality. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Pingu’s antics, these stickers are sure to bring a smile to your face and your friends’ conversations. Don’t miss out on this chance to communicate with the unique charm of everyone’s favorite Antarctic adventurer!

The Creative Minds Behind LINE NEWS × Pingu

This sticker set is the result of a collaboration between two notable entities in the digital and entertainment worlds. LINE NEWS, the publisher of this sticker set, is a popular news aggregation service operated by LINE Corporation. Known for delivering timely and diverse news content to users through the LINE messaging app, LINE NEWS has expanded its reach by venturing into the world of digital stickers. This collaboration with Pingu demonstrates their commitment to engaging users with fun, relevant content that goes beyond just news delivery.

The copyright for Pingu is held by The Pygos Group, the company responsible for managing the intellectual property rights of this iconic character. Created by Otmar Gutmann and produced by Trickfilmstudio, Pingu has been captivating audiences since 1986 with its unique stop-motion animation style and charming stories of penguin life. The Pygos Group ensures that Pingu’s legacy continues to thrive through various media and merchandise, including these delightful digital stickers.

Why You’ll Love the LINE NEWS × Pingu Stickers

These stickers are more than just cute images – they’re a way to express yourself with the timeless appeal of Pingu. Each sticker captures a different emotion or situation, allowing you to convey your feelings with precision and humor. Whether you’re saying hello, expressing surprise, or just want to add a playful touch to your conversation, there’s a Pingu sticker for every moment. The clean, simple design makes these stickers stand out in your chats without being overwhelming. Plus, with compatibility for both LINE and WhatsApp, you can share the Pingu love across multiple platforms. Don’t let this opportunity slide by – these stickers are the perfect way to penguin-ify your digital communications!

A Closer Look at the Sticker Set

Row 1:

The first row showcases Pingu in various social situations. We see a polite Pingu offering a steaming cup, likely saying “お疲れさまです” (otsukaresama desu), a Japanese phrase used to acknowledge someone’s hard work. Next, Pingu appears excited, arms raised in celebration. The third sticker shows a cautious Pingu peeking around a doorway, while the fourth features Pingu with a friendly seal companion.

Row 2:

This row captures Pingu’s range of emotions. We start with an angry or frustrated Pingu, red-faced with steam coming from its head. Next is a curious Pingu inspecting something with a magnifying glass. The third sticker shows a surprised Pingu, eyes wide with shock. The final sticker in this row depicts a content Pingu walking with a small yellow creature, possibly a chick.

Row 3:

The third row focuses on Pingu’s communication. The first sticker shows Pingu giving an “OK” sign. Next, we see Pingu emphatically shaking its head “NO”. The third sticker features Pingu asking “どうですか?” (dou desu ka?), meaning “How is it?” or “What do you think?”. The last sticker in this row shows Pingu declaring “了解しました” (ryoukai shimashita), which means “Understood” or “I got it”.

Row 4:

The final row continues with more expressive Pingu stickers. We start with Pingu saying “ありがとうございます” (arigatou gozaimasu), a polite “Thank you”. Next is a confused Pingu with question marks, perfect for expressing uncertainty. The third sticker shows Pingu with a speech bubble saying “電話です” (denwa desu), meaning “It’s a phone call”. The set concludes with an emphatic Pingu shouting “だめ!” (dame!), which means “No good!” or “Stop!”.

This diverse collection of Pingu stickers offers a wide range of expressions and phrases to enhance your digital conversations. From polite greetings to emphatic reactions, these stickers capture the charm and versatility of the beloved penguin character. Whether you’re a long-time Pingu fan or new to the world of this Antarctic ambassador, these stickers provide a fun and expressive way to communicate with friends and family across LINE and WhatsApp platforms.

The LINE NEWS × Pingu sticker set is a delightful addition to any messaging app user’s collection. With its blend of cute visuals, expressive emotions, and useful phrases, it offers something for every conversation scenario. The collaboration between LINE NEWS and The Pygos Group has resulted in a set that stays true to Pingu’s lovable character while providing practical communication tools. Whether you’re saying thanks, expressing confusion, or just want to add a touch of penguin charm to your chat, these stickers have got you covered. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to bring Pingu’s Antarctic antics to your digital conversations!

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