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Install LINE PLAY and visit Death Note Square to get these cute Ryuk stickers!


  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until December 19, 2016
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/7231
  • Publisher : LINE PLAY
  • Copyright : LINE Corporation


Unleash Your Inner Shinigami with LINE PLAY × DEATH NOTE Stickers

Anime fans, rejoice! The worlds of cute mobile games and supernatural thriller anime have collided in the most adorable way possible. LINE PLAY has teamed up with the iconic Death Note franchise to bring us a set of irresistibly charming Ryuk stickers that are bound to liven up your chats on LINE and WhatsApp. Let’s dive into this delightful collection that turns the fearsome Shinigami into a kawaii conversation starter!

A Closer Look at the Ryuk Sticker Set

This sticker set features eight uniquely expressive versions of Ryuk, the apple-loving death god from Death Note. Each sticker captures a different mood or action, transforming the typically ominous character into an endearing chibi version of himself. Let’s break down these stickers row by row:

Top Row: Ryuk’s Playful Side

The first row showcases Ryuk in his most mischievous moods. We start with a sticker of him gleefully holding up a golden apple, his prized treat. His spiky hair and wide grin are perfectly accentuated in this chibi style. Next, we see a hypnotic black and white design featuring Ryuk’s distinctive face, perfect for adding a touch of mystery to your messages. The third sticker depicts our Shinigami friend in full body, striking a sassy pose that’s sure to make your chat partners chuckle.

Bottom Row: Emotions Run Wild

The second row dives deeper into Ryuk’s emotional range. We begin with a sticker of him hunched over, perhaps contemplating his next move or simply feeling a bit shy. Moving on, we find Ryuk surrounded by floating red apples – a clear nod to his infamous obsession. The third sticker shows him looking slightly confused or surprised, with speed lines indicating quick movement. Finally, we have a heartwarming depiction of Ryuk with a tiny pink heart, revealing his softer side.

Why LINE PLAY’s Collaboration is a Game-Changer

LINE PLAY, the popular avatar-based social game, has outdone itself with this collaboration. By partnering with Death Note, they’ve tapped into a massive fanbase while also introducing their cute aesthetic to potentially new users. This crossover is a brilliant move that bridges the gap between casual mobile gaming and cult anime followings.

The stickers themselves are a testament to LINE PLAY’s ability to reimagine characters in their signature style. They’ve managed to maintain Ryuk’s essential features – the spiky hair, the wide eyes, the mischievous grin – while infusing him with an undeniable cuteness that’s hard to resist. It’s this transformation that makes the stickers so appealing, even to those who might not be familiar with Death Note.

How to Get Your Hands on These Stickers

If you’re itching to add these adorable Ryuk stickers to your collection, you’re in luck! LINE PLAY has made it super easy to snag them. Simply install the LINE PLAY app and make your way to the Death Note Square within the game. But here’s the catch – these stickers are only available for a limited time. You’ve got until December 19, 2016, to claim them, so don’t delay!

Versatility Across Platforms

One of the best things about these stickers is their versatility. While they’re primarily designed for use within LINE, they’re also compatible with WhatsApp. This cross-platform functionality means you can spread the Ryuk love no matter which messaging app you prefer. Whether you’re chatting with fellow anime enthusiasts or just want to add some quirky flair to your conversations, these stickers have got you covered.

The Impact of Character Stickers in Digital Communication

Stickers like these Ryuk ones play a significant role in modern digital communication. They allow users to express emotions and reactions more vividly than plain text, and they add a layer of personality to chats. By offering character stickers from popular franchises, LINE PLAY taps into fans’ desire to incorporate their favorite characters into their daily interactions.

Moreover, these stickers serve as a form of self-expression. Using a Ryuk sticker might signal to others that you’re a Death Note fan, potentially sparking conversations and connections based on shared interests. It’s a subtle yet effective way of showcasing your personality and tastes in the digital realm.

The Broader Appeal of Anime-Inspired Digital Content

This LINE PLAY × DEATH NOTE collaboration is part of a larger trend of anime-inspired digital content. As anime continues to gain global popularity, we’re seeing more and more crossovers into various digital platforms. From mobile games to social media filters, anime characters are becoming increasingly integrated into our online experiences.

What makes this particular collaboration stand out is how it reimagines a character like Ryuk. By presenting him in a cute, chibi style, LINE PLAY makes the character accessible to a wider audience. Even those who might find the original Ryuk intimidating can appreciate and use these adorable sticker versions.

A Must-Have for Anime Fans and Sticker Enthusiasts

The LINE PLAY × DEATH NOTE sticker set is a delightful addition to any digital sticker collection. It perfectly balances the dark appeal of Death Note with the cute aesthetic of LINE PLAY, resulting in a set of stickers that are both unique and widely appealing. Whether you’re a die-hard Death Note fan or simply someone who appreciates cute character designs, these Ryuk stickers are sure to bring a smile to your face – and to the faces of those you chat with.

Remember, these stickers are only available for a limited time, so head to the LINE PLAY app and visit the Death Note Square before December 19, 2016. Don’t miss out on the chance to add a touch of supernatural cuteness to your digital conversations!

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