Matsumoto Kiyoshi Police (Matsupoli-chan) + Animated

Posted on Kiyoshi Police (Matsupoli-chan) + Animated Line Sticker | Hi! I’m Matsupoli-chan! Nice to meet you! Get my stickers free when you become friends with the Matsumoto Kiyoshi Official Account! Matsupoli-chan is back with 8 new stickers as voted for by you! Matsupoli-chan is back again with 8 more humorous and useful stickers! The official mascot of Matsumoto Kiyoshi has been reborn into a new set of animated stickers!

These moving illustrations will protect and serve your chats a healthy dose of fun. Friend the Mastumoto Kiyoshi official account to get this set. Available till December 1, 2014. You can see collaboration Matsupoli-chan with Momoko Sakura
Halt! Youʹre under arrest for being awesome! Matsumoto Kiyoshiʹs beloved mascot Matsupoli-chan is back for another round of stickers, and this time he means business. Friend the Matsumoto Kiyoshi official account to get this set for free. What a steal!

Matsumoto Kiyoshi’s beloved character, Matsupoli-chan, returns with a new set of work-themed stickers that are sure to arrest your attention! Use them to show off just how hard you work each and every day! Sign up as a member and link your ID to receive this amazing set for free! Available till April 18, 2016.

Name (LINE Sticker):
Matsupoli-chan line://shop/detail/634
Matsumoto Kiyoshi Police line://shop/detail/878 | line://shop/detail/921
Matsupoli Stickers line://shop/detail/2945
Matsupoli Stickers (Animated) line://shop/detail/3272
Matsupoli: Sirens Blazing line://shop/detail/3824
Matsupoli-chan on Patrol line://shop/detail/5867

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