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http://www.line-stickers.com/Rakuten Cardman Line Sticker | The superhero of savings, Rakuten Cardman has stepped out of the TV and onto LINE! Get these super stickers free for a limited time. Available till 27/1/2014

Awesome buying powwerrr! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Rakuten Cardman as seen on TV! Get this set of 16 hilarious stickers. Just friend Rakuten Card’s official account and they’re yours for free! Available till February 1, 2016.

Name (LINE Sticker): Rakuten Cardman

Paid/Free : Free

Status : Temporary

Link : line://shop/detail/1468 | line://shop/detail/5767

Publisher : RakutenCard

Copyright : Copyright © Rakuten Card Co.