MILUEGG + Animated + Talking Vol 1 & 2 + Pop-Up Stickers

Posted on + Animated + Talking Line Sticker | MILUEGG is coming back for more! Roll out these stickers in your chats and show your friends how to have a good time! Animated MILUEGG is coming! Itʹs more fun and delicious this time!!
MILUEGG is back with an animated set of stickers! Download the set and start egging your friends on today.

MILUEGG’s first sound stickers are now on LINE! Voiced MILUEGG is back and more talkative than ever!

MILUEGG pop-up stickers are here at last!

Just own it!

Name (LINE Sticker) :
MILUEGG: Daily Life line://shop/detail/3432
MILUEGG: Animated is tastier! line://shop/detail/4106
MILUEGG: Animated is tastier! Vol. 2 line://shop/detail/4926
MILUEGG: Talking Time!! line://shop/detail/5734
MILUEGG: Talking Time!! Vol. 2 line://shop/detail/6479
MILUEGG Pop-Up Stickers line://shop/detail/7249
MILUEGG: Must Have the Egg! line://shop/detail/8286

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