Shirotasan & Resamaru + Animated

Posted on & Resamaru + Animated Line Sticker | The Nissen official characters “Shirotasan & Resamaru” are here in 8 new animated stickers. Friend Nissenʹs official account to get them.  Shirotasan & Resamaru sticker.Shirotasan and Resamaru are back and better than ever with a new set of animated stickers! Friend Nissenʹs official account to get these stickers for FREE.

Use your PC, smartphone, or table to purchase products online during the event to get this super hip set of 8 animated stamps featuring the very cool Shirotasan and Resamaru! Enter your special serial number to get this set.
The Nissen official characters Shirotasan and Resamaru are back once again with 16 new animated stickers! Friend Nissen’s official account to get this set for free!

Used over 700 million times, the super popular Shirotasan and Resamaru return for a 6th sticker set! This time, they’re going back to the basics. Nothing fancy here, just adorable stickers as always, perfect for your everyday life! Friend Nissen’s official account to get this set!

Ever wondered how these two animal pals were when they were just babies? Find out in Shirotasan and Resamaru’s seventh set! Just use LINE Connect from the Nissen official account to get these exclusive stickers. You must first create a Nissen online account if you don’t already have one. Available till April 24, 2017.

Name (LINE Sticker) : Shirotasan & Resamaru
Shirotasan and Resamaru No.6 (Basics) line://shop/detail/7461
Shirotasan & Resamaru: The Early Years line://shop/detail/7874

Free/Paid : Free

Status : Temporary

Link : line://shop/detail/3494 | line://shop/detail/4178 | line://shop/detail/5082

Publisher : Nissen

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