SUMMERS MAJI Sticker (Ver.1-2)

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Vol.1: Humorous stickers featuring popular comedy duo Summers and real estate agency At Home. Friend At Home’s official account to get them.

Vol.2: The popular Summers stickers are back with 16 new laugh-inducing designs. Friend At Home’s official account to get them.

SUMMERS MAJI Sticker Line Sticker PNG-1421SUMMERS MAJI Sticker Ver. 2 Line Sticker PNG-2555
Vol. 1Vol. 2
Vol. 1Vol. 2

  • Title : SUMMERS MAJI Sticker
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available till January 13, 2014
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/1421
  • Publisher : At Home Co., Ltd.
  • Copyright : HORIPRO | At Home Co., Ltd.

  • Title : SUMMERS MAJI Sticker Ver. 2
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available till July 14, 2014.
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/2555
  • Publisher : At Home Co., Ltd.
  • Copyright : HORIPRO | At Home Co., Ltd.
SUMMERS MAJI Sticker WhatsApp Sticker GIF-1421
1421 – SUMMERS MAJI Sticker

Unveiling the Hilarious World of “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker”

Meet the Dynamic Duo: A Laugh-Filled Introduction

Prepare to have your messaging apps invaded by an unstoppable wave of humor! The “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” collection introduces LINE and WhatsApp users to the comedic genius of Summers, Japan’s beloved manzai duo. This static sticker set features 16 sidesplitting designs that capture the essence of Kazuki Ōtake and Masakazu Mimura’s uproarious performances. From exaggerated facial expressions to their signature catchphrases, these stickers promise to inject a hefty dose of laughter into your daily conversations.

SUMMERS MAJI Sticker Ver. 2 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-2555
2555 – SUMMERS MAJI Sticker Ver. 2

The Creative Minds Behind the Mirth

At Home Co., Ltd.: Bringing Comedy to Your Fingertips

At Home Co., Ltd., a pioneering force in Japan’s real estate information services, has expanded its reach into the digital realm with the publication of the “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” set. Known for their innovative approach to connecting people with their dream homes, At Home Co., Ltd. now connects users with their dream comedians through these delightful digital expressions. Their expertise in understanding consumer needs has translated seamlessly into crafting stickers that resonate with fans of Japanese comedy.

HORIPRO & At Home Co., Ltd.: A Powerhouse Partnership

The copyright for this rib-tickling sticker set is jointly held by HORIPRO and At Home Co., Ltd. HORIPRO, a titan in the Japanese entertainment industry, brings its wealth of experience in talent management and content creation to the table. This collaboration ensures that the “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” collection authentically captures the spirit of Summers’ performances while meeting the highest standards of digital design and functionality.

Sticker Spectacle: A Tour of Comedic Brilliance

From Stage to Screen: Summers’ Greatest Hits

Each sticker in the “SUMMERS MAJI” collection serves as a miniature masterpiece of manzai magic. Users can expect to find visual representations of Summers’ most iconic jokes, perfectly timed reactions, and those unmistakable moments of comedic chemistry that have made them household names. Whether you’re looking to express exasperation, celebration, or sheer absurdity, there’s a Summers sticker ready to do the talking for you.

Versatility in Hilarity: A Sticker for Every Situation

The beauty of the “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” set lies in its versatility. These 16 designs cover a wide range of emotions and scenarios, ensuring that users have the perfect visual punchline for any conversation. From reacting to a friend’s terrible joke with Ōtake’s legendary deadpan stare to celebrating good news with Mimura’s exuberant grin, these stickers transform mundane chats into comedy gold.

The Impact of Laughter in the Digital Age

Breaking Language Barriers with Visual Humor

In an increasingly connected world, the “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” collection serves as a testament to the universal language of laughter. Even those unfamiliar with Japanese comedy can appreciate the expressive power of these stickers, making them a bridge between cultures and a tool for fostering global connections through shared amusement.

The Therapeutic Power of Comedy at Your Fingertips

Beyond mere entertainment, the “SUMMERS MAJI Sticker” set offers users a quick and easy way to inject positivity into their daily digital interactions. In a world where stress and anxiety often dominate, having access to instant doses of Summers-style humor can provide much-needed moments of levity and joy. These stickers stand as a reminder of the healing power of laughter, available at the touch of a button.

Description of SUMMERS MAJI’s Sticker

Row 1:
1. A character exclaiming “OK!!” in yellow text.
2. A character with glasses making a gesture and Japanese text.
3. A character shouting “Oree!” (possibly a catchphrase).
4. Two characters in a car, one yelling excitedly.

Row 2:
1. A character looking concerned with “…O” text (possibly trailing off).
2. A character with an exaggerated shocked expression holding a yellow object.
3. Two characters celebrating with Japanese text.
4. A character with glasses making a thoughtful expression.

Row 3:
1. A character with a deadpan expression and “あっ” (Japanese “ah”) text.
2. Two characters, one in pink and one in light blue, with Japanese text.
3. A character in a dramatic pose with “ダメダメッ” text (possibly meaning “no good”).
4. A character in a red outfit striking a pose with “マジ!?” text (possibly meaning “Seriously!?”).

Row 4:
1. Two characters, one peeking out from behind something.
2. A character crawling or in a crouched position.
3. Two characters, one patting the other’s head affectionately.
4. Two characters in a frame with “チョー” text (possibly an exclamation).

Description of SUMMERS MAJI’s Sticker ver.2

Row 1:
1. Two cartoon characters with exaggerated expressions, one appears shocked or surprised.
2. Characters excitedly listening to or operating a boombox, with “OK!” text.
3. One character dramatically flipping through papers or a book.
4. Two characters jumping or falling together, looking distressed.

Row 2:
1. A cherubic character with wings and a halo, sweating.
2. Two characters in a cozy pose with Japanese text.
3. Characters covering their faces, possibly embarrassed or shocked.
4. One character yelling or cheering with an exaggerated open mouth.

Row 3:
1. A character dramatically falling or sliding.
2. A musical note with a character peeking out from behind it.
3. A character reading a book or document intently.
4. Two characters posing together, possibly for a photo or celebration.

Row 4:
1. A character juggling or dropping multiple items.
2. Two characters huddled together, perhaps whispering or gossiping.
3. A character with closed eyes, possibly sleeping or meditating.
4. Two characters with celebratory pose and “ムフフ” (mufufu) text, suggesting a mischievous or gleeful mood.

This SUMMERS MAJI Sticker set features the popular comedy duo Summers in various humorous and expressive poses. The stickers capture a range of emotions and situations, from excitement to shock, thoughtfulness to affection. The characters are depicted in bold, cartoonish styles with vibrant colors, particularly red outfits. Japanese text accompanies many of the stickers, likely representing catchphrases or reactions. This collection, published by At Home Co., Ltd. and copyrighted by HORIPRO and At Home Co., Ltd., offers users a fun way to express themselves in messaging apps using the comedic appeal of the Summers duo.

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