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The hand-drawn style stickers of “Appie”, the mascot character of Sugi Bee Garden, are now available! Enjoy your chats with Appie’s various expressions! Become friends with the official Sugi Bee Garden account, and you can receive them on a first-come, first-served basis.

APPY, the Honeybee Stickers Line Sticker PNG-29403APPY, the Honeybee Stickers part2 Line Sticker PNG-30987
Part 1Part 2
Part 1Part 2

  • Title : APPY, the Honeybee Stickers
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until October 16, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/29403
  • Publisher : SUGI BEE GARDEN
  • Copyright : SUGI BEE GARDEN
  • Title : APPY, the Honeybee Stickers part2
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until May 27, 2024
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30987
  • Publisher : SUGI BEE GARDEN
  • Copyright : SUGI BEE GARDEN
APPY, the Honeybee Stickers WhatsApp Sticker GIF-29403
29403 – APPY, the Honeybee Stickers

Buzz with Joy: Introducing APPY, the Honeybee Stickers!

Get ready to sweeten up your chats with the delightful new addition to your messaging apps! APPY, the Honeybee Stickers have just landed on LINE and WhatsApp, bringing a dollop of honey-coated happiness to your conversations. These charming static stickers feature none other than Appie, the beloved mascot of Sugi Bee Garden, Japan’s premier honey producer. With a hand-drawn style that exudes warmth and whimsy, Appie is here to sprinkle a bit of bee-themed magic into your daily interactions.

APPY, the Honeybee Stickers part2 WhatsApp Sticker GIF-30987
30987 – APPY, the Honeybee Stickers part2

Imagine expressing yourself with a range of adorable honeybee expressions! From a cheerful “Good morning!” with Appie’s sunny smile to a heartfelt “Thank you!” with its grateful grin, there’s an Appie sticker for every mood and moment. The artistic flair of these stickers gives them a personal touch, as if a friend doodled them just for you. It’s this unique charm that makes the APPY stickers stand out in the crowded world of digital expressions.

The Sweet Story Behind APPY: Sugi Bee Garden’s Hive of Happiness

The story of APPY stickers is as rich and golden as the honey Sugi Bee Garden produces. Established in 1948 in the lush landscapes of Kumamoto Prefecture, Sugi Bee Garden has been a trailblazer in Japan’s honey industry. Their commitment to quality is unmatched – they manage over 10,000 beehives across Japan, ensuring that every drop of honey is pure, natural, and bursting with the essence of Japan’s diverse flora.

But Sugi Bee Garden isn’t just about honey; it’s about fostering a connection between nature, bees, and people. That’s where Appie comes in. As the official mascot and now the star of these stickers, Appie embodies the company’s ethos of spreading joy and wellness. Created by Sugi Bee Garden’s in-house design team, Appie holds the copyright, ensuring that every sticker maintains the high standards and heartwarming spirit the brand is known for. It’s not just a cute character; it’s a symbol of Sugi Bee Garden’s dedication to making the world a little bit sweeter, one sticker at a time.

Why You’ll Be Buzzing to Get Your APPY Stickers

Now, here’s the really exciting part – you can get your hands on these utterly endearing APPY stickers for free! But there’s a catch: they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis. To grab your set, all you need to do is become friends with the official Sugi Bee Garden account on LINE or WhatsApp. It’s like joining an exclusive club of honey enthusiasts and sticker aficionados!

Imagine brightening someone’s day with an Appie sticker that says “Bee happy!” or celebrating a friend’s success with a little bee doing a victory dance. These stickers aren’t just cute; they’re conversation starters, mood-lifters, and a way to show you care. Plus, every time you use an APPY sticker, you’re sharing a piece of Sugi Bee Garden’s wholesome world. So don’t wait – buzz over to their official account and make your chats as sweet as can bee!

Description of APPY, the Honeybee’s Sticker – 29403

Row 1:
1. A cute, round-faced honeybee character (Appie) giving a thumbs up with “OK!” written in bold red letters.
2. Appie with hearts around its head, expressing love or affection.
3. Appie holding a sign that says “がんばれ” (ganbare), which means “do your best” or “hang in there” in Japanese.
4. A sticker showing a honey pot or jar with Appie’s face peeking out from inside.

Row 2:
1. A close-up of Appie’s face looking smug or proud, with tiny stars or sparkles around it.
2. Two Appie characters blushing and holding hands, depicting a romantic or friendly moment.
3. A sticker showing Appie’s rear end (its bee bottom) with a question mark, possibly indicating confusion or curiosity.
4. Appie with its eyes closed and a sweat drop, suggesting it might be embarrassed, nervous, or working hard.

These hand-drawn style stickers feature the mascot character Appie from Sugi Bee Garden, a Japanese company. The stickers are designed to add fun and emotion to chats, with Appie displaying a range of expressions and situations that users can relate to or use to convey their feelings. The Japanese text and the company information show that these stickers are primarily for a Japanese audience and are part of a promotional campaign to engage with customers on their official account.

Description of APPY, the Honeybee part2’s Sticker – 30987

Row 1:
1. Excited Appy: A bee character with wide-open eyes and raised arms, expressing excitement. The text reads “感動!!” (Kando!!) which means “Moved!!” or “Touched!!”
2. Confused Appy: The bee looks puzzled with swirling eyes and a question mark. The text says “なんでやねん” (Nande yanen), a colloquial phrase meaning “Why is that?”
3. Grateful Appy: A smiling bee with folded hands, showing gratitude. The text reads “おおきに” (Ookini), which is Kansai dialect for “Thank you very much.”
4. Playful Appy: The bee sticks out its tongue playfully. The text “えへへ” (Ehehe) represents a giggle or playful laughter.

Row 2:
1. Thumbs-up Appy: A confident bee giving a thumbs-up. The text “ええで” (Ee de) is Kansai dialect for “It’s good” or “It’s okay.”
2. Polite Appy: The bee bows slightly, showing respect. The text “おおきに” (Ookini) again means “Thank you very much” in Kansai dialect.
3. Shy Appy: A blushing bee with hands on its cheeks, looking bashful. The text “えらいわ” (Erai wa) in Kansai dialect means “You did well” or “That’s great.”
4. Questioning Appy: The bee looks perplexed with a question mark. The text “なんでやろ” (Nande yaro) in Kansai dialect means “I wonder why” or “What could it be?”

These stickers feature “Appie,” the mascot of Sugi Bee Garden, in various expressive poses. The hand-drawn style adds charm, and the use of Kansai dialect in the text gives the stickers a unique regional flavor. They’re designed to enhance online chat conversations with a range of emotions and reactions.

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