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https://www.line-stickers.com/Tama-kuma Line Sticker | Tamakuma-chan is all over the packages of Tamagawaʹs products, and now sheʹs starring in her own sticker set! These stickers will give you a rare glimpse into her daily life.
Tama-kuma, the adorable character from Tamagawaʹs packaging is here in his second sticker set. Download these stickers and use them in your everyday conversations with friends! Friend Tamagawaʹs official account to get them! Available till March 19, 2015.

Name LINE Sticker:
Go go Tamakuma-chan! line://shop/detail/3195
C’mon Tama-Kuma Vol. 2 line://shop/detail/3581

Free/Paid : free

Publisher : TAMAGAWA

Copyright : Copyright © Tamagawa-Eizai All Rights Reserved


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