Terra Formars + REVENGE

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http://www.line-stickers.com/Terra Formars + REVENGE Line Sticker | The Terraformars and Akari have taken the battle to LINE! Download the Terra Formars – Landed on Mars volume currently available for free from LINE Manga to get this sticker set.

TERRAFORMARS now has its own LINE sticker set! Terraform your LINE conversations with Akari, Michelle, and other memorable characters from the series.

Name LINE Sticker:
TERRAFORMARS line://shop/detail/3427
TERRAFORMARS REVENGE line://shop/detail/6440

Free/Paid : Free & Paid

Status : Temporary

Publisher : SHUEISHA | Shueisha,Project TERRAFORMARS R

Copyright : ©Yu Sasuga・Kenichi Tachibana / SHUEISHA | S,T/S,PTR