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Welcome to the horror art world of Junji Ito, the Japanese famous horror manga master. Junji Ito’s legendary characters, Souichi and Tomie, are here with animated stickers! These classic, creepy but hilarious stickers will definitely surprise your friends.

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Meet the Horror Icons of Junji Ito: Souichi and Tomie

If you are a fan of horror manga, you must have heard of Junji Ito, the master of the genre. His stories are full of twisted and terrifying imagery, often involving body horror, cosmic horror, and psychological horror. Among his many creations, two of the most popular and iconic are Souichi and Tomie, who are now available as animated stickers for LINE and WhatsApp. Let’s get to know these characters and their stories, and see why they are so loved by horror fans.

Muse Communication: The Publisher and Licensor of Junji Ito’s Works

Muse Communication is a Taiwanese company that specializes in the distribution and licensing of anime, manga, and films. It was founded in 1992 and has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai. Muse Communication is the official agent of Junji Ito’s works in the Asian market, and has licensed several of his manga and anime adaptations, such as Tomie, Uzumaki, Gyo, and The Junji Ito Collection. Muse Communication also operates Muse Asia, a YouTube channel that provides anime with English and Chinese subtitles for audiences in parts of Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia.

Calling all horror fans and meme enthusiasts! Get ready to spice up your messaging game with the latest addition to the world of Junji Ito – The Junji Ito Collection: Souichi & Tomie Stickers for LINE and WhatsApp. These stickers are a must-have for anyone who appreciates the twisted genius of the legendary Japanese horror manga master.

Brought to you by MUSE COMMUNICATION, with the copyright held by JI / ASP, JIC, these stickers are a delightful fusion of creepiness and humor. Imagine the thrill of sending your friends a message accompanied by the iconic Souichi or the chilling Tomie, both brought to life with captivating animations.

Whether you’re a die-hard Junji Ito fan or simply appreciate the bizarre and unconventional, these stickers are guaranteed to add a unique flair to your conversations. Picture your group chat erupting with laughter (or screams) as Souichi’s mischievous antics or Tomie’s unsettling presence grace your screen.

A Masterful Blend of Horror and Hilarity: The Junji Ito Collection:Souichi & Tomie WhatsApp Sticker

Junji Ito’s work has long been celebrated for its ability to tap into the deepest recesses of our fears while simultaneously offering a twisted sense of humor. These stickers capture that essence perfectly, seamlessly transitioning between spine-chilling moments and laugh-out-loud expressions.

Imagine the sheer delight of sending a sticker depicting Souichi’s mischievous grin, only to follow it up with Tomie’s eerie stare. The contrast is sure to keep your friends on their toes, never quite knowing what to expect next.

Join the Horror Art Revolution of The Junji Ito Collection:Souichi & Tomie LINE Sticker

By embracing The Junji Ito Collection: Souichi & Tomie Stickers, you’re not just adding a touch of horror to your conversations; you’re joining a vibrant community of Junji Ito enthusiasts who appreciate the finer points of dark and twisted art. Share your favorite sticker moments, swap theories about the deeper meanings behind Ito’s works, and revel in the delightfully unsettling atmosphere these stickers create.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into the world of The Junji Ito Collection: Souichi & Tomie Stickers and let the creepy, hilarious fun begin!

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