USAGITAN + Animated + Pops Up!

Posted on Stickers Line Sticker | This super cute rabbit KNOWS how to put make up on! Look at her gorgeous sparkly eyes! Absolutely adorable! Usagitan makes another appearance on LINE! A new series of Usagitan stickers, featuring her friend Midorichan!

Usagitan brings you the all-time best of the best as chosen by you! And this time she brought new spring stickers chosen by you! On Summer 2014, 6 stickers to help you roll in the summer, including newcomers and old favorites! Usagitan is back in her 7th sticker set just in time for autumn! She’s bringing her best friend Midori-chan along and their adorable interactions will come alive with these animated stickers! Add the Shiseido Watashi+ Official Account as a friend to get them?

Usagi-tan is back for an amazing eighth round of stickers just in time for the summer season. Keep it cool in the summer heat with Usagi-tan and Midori-chan. Their special dance move are not to be missed! Friend Shiseido’s Wabash Plus official account to get hopping with these stickers!

Did you hear the news? Usagitan has opened her own restaurant! Check out these 16 brand new stickers, featuring all-new characters! Usagitan is the perfect choice to bring new flavor to your chats, so hop to it! Friend Shiseido’s watashi+ official account to get them for free!

We’re commemorating Usagitan’s 10th sticker set with these eight lovely pop-up stickers! She’ll put the hop into your chats and give you that extra bounce! Friend SHISEIDO’s watashi+ official account to get them for free! Available till December 26, 2016.

Name (LINE Sticker) :
Get Down Usagitan! (Animated) line://shop/detail/3232
Usagitan: Summer 2014 line://shop/detail/2267
Usagitan: Spring Forward line://shop/detail/1819
the chosen USAGITAN line://shop/detail/1282
USAGITAN Summer!! line://shop/detail/896
USAGITAN Returns! line://shop/detail/678
USAGITAN line://shop/detail/581
Usagi-tan Stickers line://shop/detail/4581
Usagitan’s Restaurant – Grand Opening line://shop/detail/5857
Usagitan Pops Up! line://shop/detail/7477

Paid/Free : Free

Status : Temporary

Publisher : watashi+ / SHISEIDO

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