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I’m not fat, it’s just water retention.

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Meet Woobi Dooggy: Your Adorable Water Retention Buddy!

Hey there, sticker enthusiasts! Ever had those bloated days and blamed it on water retention? Well, guess what? You’re not alone, and there’s a sticker series that totally gets it! Introducing “woobi_dooggy – Just water retention,” starring the lovable and slightly swollen Woobi Dooggy, a dog with a heart as big as his fluffy appearance!

Get to Know Woobi Dooggy!

Created by the talented illustrator and dog lover, Wooni, Woobi Dooggy is no ordinary pup. Since 2018, Wooni has been sketching Woobi Dooggy’s hilarious expressions and situations, turning them into sticker sets that capture the essence of this cheerful and food-loving canine. Woobi Dooggy might face water retention challenges, but that doesn’t dampen his spirit. He’s all about enjoying life, spreading laughter, and making those around him smile!

Meet Wooni, the Creative Force!

Wooni, the brain behind the “woobi_dooggy – Just water retention” series, is a seasoned illustrator and animator with over a decade of experience. With a passion for creating cute and funny characters, Wooni draws inspiration from personal life, including two adorable canine companions, Poochi the poodle, and Shoochi the shih tzu. Expect the stickers to exude humor, cuteness, and a touch of doggy charm!

Why Dive into “woobi_dooggy – Just water retention” Stickers?

They’re Totally Relatable

Ever experienced the discomfort of water retention? Woobi Dooggy feels your pain – literally! These stickers brilliantly express the frustrations of feeling bloated, with Woobi Dooggy capturing every emotion. Whether you’re feeling down, mad, embarrassed, or hopeful, there’s a Woobi Dooggy sticker to perfectly channel your vibes.

They’re Comedy Gold

Dealing with water retention is a lot easier when you can laugh about it, right? Woobi Dooggy embraces humor, making light of his own situation and adding a positive spin. With witty remarks, puns, and a healthy dose of sarcasm, these stickers will have you cracking up in no time!

They’re Unbelievably Adorable

Let’s talk about the cuteness overload! Woobi Dooggy is not your average dog – he’s a fluffy bundle of joy with big eyes, floppy ears, and an array of expressions. Happy, sad, surprised, or proud, Woobi Dooggy nails them all. Dressed as a superhero, pirate, chef, or even a flower – this pup is always irresistibly cute!

And just like that, you’ve unlocked the world of Woobi Dooggy’s water retention escapades! Happy chatting!

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