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To celebrate the opening of the official account of Yotsuba Dairy, a dairy farming company in Hokkaido, we’re giving away adorable stickers featuring Miruru, Yotsuba’s PR mascot! Be one of the first to become friends with Yotsuba Dairy’s official account and get these stickers while they last.

Yotsuba Milk Products/Miruru  Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : Yotsuba Milk Products/Miruru
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : Available until October 17, 2022
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/26548
  • Publisher : Yotsuba Milk Products
  • Copyright : Yotsuba Milk Products

Yotsuba Milk Products/Miruru  WhatsApp Sticker GIF
26548 – Yotsuba Milk Products/Miruru Sticker

Yotsuba Milk Products Introduces Adorable Miruru Stickers

Dairy lovers, rejoice! Yotsuba Dairy, the beloved Hokkaido-based dairy farming company, has just launched its official account with a moo-velous surprise. To celebrate this exciting milestone, they’re giving away an utterly adorable sticker set featuring their charming PR mascot, Miruru. Let’s dive into this dairy-licious treat and explore each sticker in detail!

Meet Miruru: Yotsuba’s Udderly Cute Mascot

Miruru, the star of this sticker set, is a delightful cow character that embodies the wholesome goodness of Yotsuba’s dairy products. Sporting a jaunty green hat with the Yotsuba logo, Miruru’s expressive face and playful poses are sure to add a splash of fun to your chats.

A Closer Look at the Miruru Sticker Collection

Row 1: Greetings and Affirmations

The first row kicks off with Miruru offering a friendly “Good morning!” accompanied by a steaming cup of milk – perfect for starting your day on a positive note. Next, we see our bovine buddy confidently declaring “OK” in vibrant letters, making it a go-to sticker for quick agreements. The third sticker shows Miruru waving goodbye, ideal for polite farewells. Lastly, Miruru appears with a gleeful expression, surrounded by musical notes – perhaps celebrating the joy of fresh dairy!

Row 2: Emotions and Actions

Moving to the second row, we find Miruru in various moods. First, there’s a sticker of Miruru holding up a glass of milk, encouraging healthy habits. Next, we see our cow friend fast asleep, which could be used to indicate tiredness or a good night’s rest. The third sticker portrays Miruru with heart eyes, expressing love or adoration. The final sticker in this row shows an energetic Miruru, possibly cheering or celebrating.

Yotsuba Dairy: Bringing Farm-Fresh Goodness to Your Chats

Yotsuba Dairy, known for its high-quality milk products straight from the lush pastures of Hokkaido, has outdone itself with this sticker set. By featuring Miruru in various everyday situations, they’ve created a versatile collection that can express a wide range of emotions and messages.

Limited Time Offer: Moo-ve Fast to Grab These Stickers!

If you’re eager to add these adorable Miruru stickers to your collection, you’ll need to act fast! The distribution period for these stickers runs until October 17, 2022. To get your hooves on this exclusive set, simply become one of the first to befriend Yotsuba Dairy’s official account. It’s a small step for you, but a giant leap for your sticker game!

Versatility Across Platforms: LINE and WhatsApp Compatible

Whether you’re a devoted LINE user or prefer WhatsApp for your daily chats, Yotsuba has got you covered. These Miruru stickers are designed to work seamlessly on both platforms, ensuring you can spread the dairy love no matter where your conversations take place.

The Creativity Behind the Stickers

The design of these stickers showcases a perfect blend of cuteness and functionality. Miruru’s expressions are incredibly emotive, allowing users to convey a wide range of feelings with just a single image. The use of pastel colors and simple backgrounds keeps the focus on our lovable cow character while maintaining a clean, appealing aesthetic.

More Than Just Stickers: A Brand Ambassador

Miruru isn’t just a cute face – this character serves as a delightful brand ambassador for Yotsuba Dairy. Through these stickers, users are subtly reminded of the company’s commitment to quality dairy products. It’s a clever way to keep the brand in consumers’ minds during everyday conversations.

The Impact of Mascot Marketing in Japan

Mascot characters like Miruru are a significant part of Japanese marketing culture. Known as “yuru-chara” or “soft characters,” these mascots help humanize brands and create emotional connections with consumers. Yotsuba’s decision to use Miruru in this sticker set is a testament to the enduring popularity and effectiveness of mascot marketing in Japan.

Conclusion: A Moo-mentous Opportunity for Dairy Fans

The Yotsuba Milk Products/Miruru sticker set is more than just a collection of cute images – it’s a celebration of dairy goodness, a clever marketing tool, and a fun addition to your digital conversations. With its limited distribution period, these stickers are set to become a coveted item among LINE and WhatsApp users.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bring Miruru’s charm to your chats. Head over to Yotsuba Dairy’s official account and moo-ve fast to secure your set of these delightful stickers. Whether you’re saying good morning, expressing love, or simply sharing your joy for all things dairy, Miruru has got you covered!

Remember, Yotsuba Dairy is the publisher and copyright holder of these adorable Miruru stickers. By incorporating them into your daily digital conversations, you’re not just adding a splash of cuteness – you’re also supporting a company dedicated to bringing the finest dairy products from Hokkaido to tables across Japan and beyond.

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