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The popular spin-off anime, YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike, has its own sticker set! Featuring scenes from the YOWAMUSHI PEDAL cast’s past, these stickers will help bring your chats to the next gear!

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7085 – YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike Sticker

YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike Stickers – A Must-Have for Anime Fans

If you love cycling, comedy, and drama, you probably know about YOWAMUSHI PEDAL, the popular anime series that follows the adventures of a high school bicycle racing club. But did you know that there is a spin-off anime that explores the backstory of some of your favorite characters? It’s called YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike, and it’s a great way to learn more about the personalities and motivations of the cyclists you root for.

And now, you can also express yourself with the YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike sticker set, available for LINE and WhatsApp. This sticker set features 40 static stickers, each depicting a scene or a quote from the spin-off anime. You can see the young versions of Makishima, Toudou, Arakita, Kinjou, and many more, as they face their challenges and grow as racers and as people. You can also enjoy some funny and heartwarming moments with them, and share them with your friends.

Who’s Behind These Awesome Stickers?

The YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike sticker set is brought to you by TMS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd., one of the oldest and most famous anime studios in Japan. TMS ENTERTAINMENT is the studio behind many anime franchises such as Lupin the Third, Detective Conan, Dr. Stone, and of course, YOWAMUSHI PEDAL. They are known for their high-quality animation, engaging stories, and diverse genres.

The original manga of YOWAMUSHI PEDAL and YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike is written and illustrated by Wataru Watanabe, who is also credited as W.W (AS) / YSBFP for the sticker set. Watanabe is an avid cyclist himself, and he draws inspiration from his own experiences and observations. He is also praised for his realistic and detailed depiction of bicycles, races, and techniques.

Why You Should Get These Stickers Right Now

The YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike sticker set is not only a fun and easy way to spice up your chats, but also a great way to show your love and support for the anime and the manga. You can use these stickers to express your emotions, opinions, and humor, as well as to relate to the characters and their situations. You can also use them to communicate with other fans, and to introduce new people to the world of YOWAMUSHI PEDAL.

So what are you waiting for? Get the YOWAMUSHI PEDAL: Spare Bike sticker set today, and pedal your way to more exciting and enjoyable conversations!

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