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KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS LINE Stickers | KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIRENDS bring you this set of animated stickers. Vegetable friends are kewpieʹs new friends. Add some flavor to your chats with these saucy stickers! –

Kewpie and all his lovely legumes are back for a second set of stickers! Send your friends cute and delicious messages with this adorable set. It’s a feast for the eyes indeed!
KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS are back in animated form! They are rearing to add a bit of zest to the conversation! Liven up the party with these farm-fresh, fun and feisty stickers
KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS are back in a new animated sticker set with artwork you won’t find anywhere else, as well as stickers in the imitable KEWPIE MAYONNAISE style. Liven up the party with these farm-fresh, fun stickers!
KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS are back with another animated sticker set and this time they’re illustrated! You have to check out these unique stickers with all your favorite vegetables! Use them to flavor up your chats!
You’ve seen KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS dance at the start of each episode of 3 Minute Cooking. Now they’ve brought their moves to LINE! Let this lively group bring some fun flavor to your chats
You've seen KEWPIE & VEGETABLE FRIENDS start each episode of 3 Minute Cooking. Now you can use their stickers to add some cute flavor to your everyday messages!


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line://shop/detail/3836 (Available until March 16, 2015)
line://shop/detail/5006 (Available until November 8, 2015)
line://shop/detail/5893 (Available until February 29, 2016)
line://shop/detail/6553 (Available until September 4, 2016)
line://shop/detail/7043 (Available until December 4, 2016)
line://shop/detail/10555 (Available untill May 20, 2018)

Type: Static & Animation

Publisher : kewpie

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