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795: Born in Kumamoto prefecture, “Kumamon” is here to celebrate the opening of the new Kyushu Bullet Train route. Take a look at all of Kumamon’s great expressions!

30159: The moving sticker of Kumamon, the sales manager and happiness manager of Kumamoto Prefecture, has arrived for the first time! If you become friends with the official account of the Love Kumamon Project, which delivers loads of attractive and up-to-date information about Kumamoto to fans all over the country, you can get it.

795 Kumamon Line Sticker PNG30159 Kumamon Line Sticker PNG
PAID ver.FREE ver.
PAID ver.FREE ver.

  • Title : Kumamon
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Animation
  • Expiry Date : Available until March 17, 2024
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link : line://shop/detail/30159
  • Publisher : Kumamoto Prefectural Government
  • Copyright : 2010 Kumamoto Pref. Kumamon
795 - Kumamon WhatsApp Sticker GIF
795 – Kumamon (PAID ver.) Sticker

30159 - Kumamon Animation WhatsApp Sticker GIF
30159 – Kumamon (FREE ver.) Sticker

Get Ready to Meet Kumamon, the Charming Ambassador of Kumamoto!

Ever heard of Kumamon? He’s not just any bear – he’s the adorable and lively mascot representing Kumamoto Prefecture, a breathtaking region nestled in Japan’s Kyushu Island. Born in 2010 alongside the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen line, Kumamon has been on a mission to showcase Kumamoto’s beauty and culture, both nationally and globally. With his infectious cheerfulness and widespread popularity, he’s bagged several awards, including Japan’s top mascot in 2011 and even the title of best YouTuber in 2019!

But Kumamon isn’t just a pretty face; he’s a bonafide civil servant with two titles: sales manager and happiness manager. His job? To seek out joy and surprises and share them with everyone he meets. Whether he’s boosting Kumamoto’s tourism or lending a paw with recovery efforts after the 2016 earthquake, Kumamon is all about spreading happiness. This friendly bear loves nothing more than dancing, playing, and bringing smiles to people’s faces!

Excited to learn more about Kumamon and Kumamoto? Well, guess what? There’s a brand new set of moving stickers featuring Kumamon for LINE and WhatsApp! These stickers showcase him in various expressions and poses, making your chats more lively and entertaining. But hurry – they’re only available for a limited time! Keep reading to discover how to get your paws on them and what they have in store for you.

The Creative Minds Behind the Sticker: MEDIASEEK Inc. & Kumamoto Prefectural Government

The Publisher: MEDIASEEK Inc. & Kumamoto Prefectural Government

Behind the creation of these stickers is a dynamic duo – MEDIASEEK Inc. & Kumamoto Prefectural Government. MEDIASEEK Inc. is an IT company offering a range of services, from system consulting to consumer-focused solutions like barcode readers and image recognition. Meanwhile, Kumamoto Prefectural Government, under the leadership of Governor Ikuo Kabashima, appointed Kumamon as the sales manager and happiness manager back in 2010. This administrative body oversees various policies and services, including education, health, tourism, and more, all while supporting local industries and products.

The stickers are part of the Love Kumamon Project, an initiative aiming to deliver enticing and current information about Kumamoto to fans nationwide. Through this project, fans can explore Kumamon’s activities and Kumamoto’s attractions via websites, newsletters, magazines, and even a YouTube channel. It’s the perfect way to express gratitude to fans and extend a warm invitation to visit Kumamoto!

The Features and Benefits of the Sticker

The sticker consists of 20 static and 8 animated stickers of Kumamon, showing his different expressions and poses. You can see him smiling, laughing, crying, winking, waving, dancing, and more. The stickers are colorful and lively, and capture Kumamon’s personality and charm. The stickers also have some words and phrases in English and Japanese, such as “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “OK”, and “Kumamoto”. You can use the stickers to express your feelings and thoughts, and to communicate with your friends and family.

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