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Stickers from the popular manga & drama series “QP” are finally here. Buy any 1 of the “QP” comic books on LINE Manga & get these stickers free!

 LINE MANGA: QP Line Sticker PNG

  • Title : LINE MANGA: QP
  • Price : Free
  • Type : Static
  • Expiry Date : No Expiry Date
  • Language : Japanese
  • Link: line://shop/detail/830
  • Publisher: Shonengahosha
  • Copyright: Hiroshi Takahashi / Shonengahosha

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Introducing the Gritty World of QP Stickers

Get ready to dive into the gritty, intense world of “QP” with these brand new LINE and WhatsApp stickers! Straight from the pages of the popular manga and hit drama series, these expressive stickers bring the raw energy of Tokyo’s underground to your digital conversations. Featuring the series’ iconic characters in their most memorable moments, this sticker set lets you channel your inner street tough or express your bewilderment at life’s challenges – QP style.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the QP universe, these stickers offer a perfect blend of attitude and humor. From menacing glares to comical reactions, you’ll find the ideal visual punch line for any chat situation. The stark black and white artwork captures the manga’s distinctive style, while bold sound effects add extra impact to your messages. It’s time to amp up your sticker game with a dose of street cred, courtesy of QP!

The Masterminds Behind QP

Shonengahosha, the publishing powerhouse behind some of Japan’s most gripping manga series, brings us the QP stickers. Known for their knack in spotting raw talent and edgy storytelling, Shonengahosha has been at the forefront of the manga industry for decades. Their keen eye for gritty, realistic narratives that resonate with readers has made them a go-to publisher for fans of hard-hitting stories.

The creative genius behind QP is none other than Hiroshi Takahashi, a mangaka renowned for his unflinching portrayals of youth subcultures and the criminal underworld. Takahashi’s distinctive art style and knack for creating complex, morally ambiguous characters have earned him a devoted following. With QP, he masterfully blends intense action, dark humor, and poignant moments of humanity, all of which are beautifully captured in this sticker set. Shonengahosha and Takahashi’s collaboration brings authenticity and street-smart flair to your digital conversations.

Why You Need These Stickers in Your Life

Looking to add some edge to your chats? These QP stickers are your ticket to instant street cred. Whether you’re feeling tough, confused, or just want to make a statement, there’s a QP sticker for every mood. The stark, high-contrast artwork pops on any background, ensuring your message comes through loud and clear.

Best of all, scoring these awesome stickers is a breeze. Simply purchase any QP comic book on LINE Manga, and voilà – this badass sticker set is all yours, free of charge! It’s the perfect way to show your love for the series while jazzing up your digital convos. Don’t miss out on this chance to bring a touch of Tokyo’s underbelly to your fingertips!

Sticker Breakdown: Express Yourself, QP Style

Row 1: Intense Reactions

The first row kicks off with a bang, showcasing the raw intensity QP is known for. We see a character shouting “KU, KUSO!” – a forceful Japanese expletive perfect for those moments of extreme frustration. Next, we have a group of tough-looking guys with puzzled expressions, ideal for conveying confusion or disbelief. The third sticker features an angry character yelling “Nani!?” (What!?), capturing that perfect moment of shocked outrage. Rounding out the row is a dynamic sticker of someone throwing a powerful punch, complete with speed lines and a “BAM!” sound effect – use this when you need to emphasize making a strong point or taking decisive action.

Row 2: Attitude and Action

The second row dials up the attitude. It starts with a menacing close-up of a character’s face, partly obscured by shadow – perfect for setting a mysterious or threatening tone. Next, we see a full-body shot of a tough guy in a leather jacket, exuding cool confidence. This is followed by the same character, now with an intense expression and speed lines, suggesting sudden movement or realization. The final sticker in this row shows him in profile, a determined look on his face – use this when you’re ready to face a challenge head-on.

Elevate Your Chats with QP’s Street Smarts

From intense confrontations to moments of shock and determination, the QP sticker set offers a wide range of expressive options to spice up your digital conversations. These stickers capture the essence of the manga’s gritty world, allowing you to bring a touch of street-smart attitude to your chats. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply appreciate bold, impactful artwork, these stickers are sure to make your messages stand out. Don’t miss your chance to snag this exclusive set – grab a QP comic on LINE Manga and start messaging with style today!

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