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Posted on + Animated Line Sticker | Introducing Panda-Ichiro, the mascot of recruitment website from navi! These cute stickers are perfect for all situations? Panda-Ichiro now has his own official account, and he can’t wait to hear from you. Send these stickers to him and get job listings, weather forecasts, and more! Send these stickers to Panda-Ichiro and get him talking! 16 new designs from the series thatʹs been sent over 900 million times.

This official account lets you talk with Panda Ichiro himself! Send these stickers to Panda Ichiro, and heʹll help you find a job, check the weather, kill some extra time and more! Send messages to Panda-Ichiroʹs official account to chat with the Panda himself. He even moves this time! Check out 16 more stickers from the hit series used over 1.1 billion times!

Send these stickers to Panda-Ichiroʹs official account and the animations will start playing before your very eyes! Ichiro is cuter than ever in this limited edition set of 16 uber-adorable stickers. Friend the Panda-Ichiro official account to get these stickers for FREE!

Panda-Ichiro is back with a new round of stickers! Send messages to his official account and he’ll help you find a job! This plucky panda has starred in stickers sent over 1.8 billion times – talk about a pandemic! Friend Panda-Ichiro’s official account to get this set for FREE.

The newest stickers from Panda-Ichiro, showing us a new side to this plucky little panda! Send a sticker from any popular series that has gotten over 58 million downloads to their official accounts to get a special reply! Friend Panda-Ichiro’s official account to get them for free! Available till February 22, 2016

Name (LINE Sticker):
Panda-Ichiro fromA navi line://shop/detail/1080
Panda-Ichiro fromA line://shop/detail/1555
Panda-Ichiro Gets a Job line://shop/detail/2679
PAnda-Ichiro line://shop/detail/3021 | line://shop/detail/5064
A Conversation with Panda Ichiro line://shop/detail/3593
Animated Panda-Ichiro line://shop/detail/3691 | line://shop/detail/4151
Panda-Ichiro Stickers line://shop/detail/5858

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