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Imabari City’s well-loved mascot, "BARYSAN" is now on LINE!! Relaxing, healing, round and cute! Enjoy these BARYSAN stickers!

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Introducing BARYSAN Sticker for LINE & WhatsApp

Do you love cute and relaxing characters? Do you want to express your feelings with adorable stickers? Then you will love BARYSAN, the official mascot of Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. BARYSAN is a giant, round chicken who holds a ship, representing the city’s maritime culture and industry. He is very popular in Japan and has won the national Yurukyara Grand Prix in 2012. Now you can enjoy these BARYSAN stickers on LINE and WhatsApp and share them with your friends and family.

Publisher and Copyright

Publisher: MEDIASEEK, Inc.

MEDIASEEK, Inc. is a company that provides information technology (IT) services, such as system consulting, system development, and consumer-oriented services. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. MEDIASEEK, Inc. is the publisher of the BARYSAN stickers and also offers other digital content for mobile devices.

Copyright: Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd.

Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd. is a company that offers printing services, such as books, flyers, brochures, and catalogs. The company also designs packaging materials, advertisements, and websites. Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 and is located in Niigata, Japan. Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd. is the owner of the BARYSAN character and the BARYSAN stickers.

Features of the Sticker

The BARYSAN sticker is a static sticker, which means it does not have any animation or sound. However, it still has a lot of charm and personality. The sticker contains 40 different designs of BARYSAN in various poses and expressions. You can use the sticker to convey your emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, or gratitude. You can also use the sticker to greet someone, wish them a good day, or say thank you. The sticker is suitable for any occasion and mood.

How to Enjoy the Sticker

To enjoy the BARYSAN sticker, you need to have either LINE or WhatsApp installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can download the sticker from the LINE Sticker Shop or the WhatsApp Sticker Store.nce you have downloaded the sticker, you can access it from the sticker menu on the chat screen. You can then select the sticker you want to send and tap on it. The sticker will be sent to the person you are chatting with. You can also save the sticker to your favorites for easy access. The BARYSAN sticker is a fun and easy way to communicate with your contacts and make them smile.

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