SEVENTEEN’s official light stick mascot, BONGBONG, is now available in an adorable LINE sticker set! These easy-to-use stickers are here to light up all of your chats.

Peppy little Usagyuuun makes its LINE official sticker debut—perfect for couples too! This surreal rabbit is looking as unstoppable as ever, but we all know that’s just how it rolls.

This sticker also know as:

  • usagyuuun whatsapp sticker (7)
  • Usagyuuun (5)
  • usagyuuun stickers whatsapp (4)
  • usagyuu (2)
  • Asagyuuun (1)
  • Stiker usag (1)
  • usagyuun (1)
  • usagyuuun sticker rar (1)
  • usagyuuun whatsapp stickers (1)

These cute new stickers are the purrfect way to bring some cuteness to your life! With supersized Chinese phrases and a whole litter of useful messages, this set is sure to make your chats un-furr-gettable!

We give these stickers two paws up for adorableness. Bring this animated litter of cuteness to your chats right meow!